Basketball Days

Basketball Days is an International basketball tournament held in Zwolle, The Netherlands. Basketball Days takes place every year between Christmas and New Year. The concept of this tournament is unique, every year the 6 participating teams come from 5 different continents.

Basketball Days is basketball… and more!

Our spectators will not only watch basketball, but also see high quality show, entertainment, dance and acts.Next to the game-arena there is a food court, where you can eat, drink and even shoot some hoops if you'd like. This part is especially a lot of fun for the kids.

Of course you can buy your basketball gear at one of the many basketball booths. 

Basketball Days 

In 2011 the first edition of Basketball Days was held, but yet, there was a live stream to Brazil for the final game. Over 10.000 people watched the game between Brazils Gremio Mogi and Dutch team Landstede Basketbal.