Sports and Study in the US

Do you want to combine your sport and study in the US? LanCon can help you realize that.

Since 2002 LanCon made a dream come true for approximately 60 European athletes. We were successful in 85% of the "search tasks" which were given to us by players who wanted to study and sport in the USA. Some of these athletes just stayed abroad one year, but most of them completed their bachelors in the USA.



In the US some athletes get a (full)scholarship. A scholarship will give the athlete the ability to go to school without paying tuition! In exchange the athlete will do their utmost best when competing in sports for the University.


Show your talent

All the coaches who are recruiting student athletes want to see you play and practice. Of course it is almost never possible for a college coach to see you live. Therefore we would need a video of a full game and/or a video, which shows you participating in a practice. We can advise you on the content of a practice video. In the past LanCon send out DVDs with the players resumes and their playing videos. Now we can show the videos directly on our (protected) website.

Many of the USA college coaches have found out, that we show videos of many potential top student-athletes. We enable them to log in on the site to have access to your video, so they can judge about your skills on-line. They will contact us when they are interested and we will bring you in contact with the coach.


A proper introduction

LanCon will advise the coach and help the athlete to come to a positive decision, but remember the final decision to offer a player an athletic scholarship is made by the coach of the university!

Are you our talent for 2013?

Meanwhile we have had several questions of universities in the USA about the availability of good talents, ready to go to the USA in fall 2013. Representatives of LanCon visit the USA on a regular basis and have the opportunity at those occasions to speak with coaches. They are very interested to see videos showing your playing skills and speak with us about the potential of individual athletes.

We are looking for

  • Athletes who will graduate from high school in 2012 and after
  • Athletes who are already enrolled in a 4–year program at a university and want to study at least one semester in the USA

We offer

LanCon offers the following, should you give LanCon a "talent evaluation and search task"

  • LanCon advises and gives instructions for the production of content of your personal video
  • LanCon will approach universities in its network and maintain contacts for you
  • LanCon will advise you in making a good preparation for and in making the appointments for the two exams, needed to be accepted at an American University
  • LanCon will help you with arranging all formalities necessary to be accepted as a student in the USA
  • LanCon will help you to arrange a visit in the USA, should you want to visit a university before making a choice.


We would love to help you! So, if you have questions, do not hesitate to contact us.