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Teams from all over the world need to prepare for their new season, or just want to experience a whole new way of playing tournaments. LanCon organizes trips for (sporting) teams from the US thru Europe, or vice versa, for all ages. These trips are custom made. Which means you can go anywhere you’d like! LanCon will arrange lodging, tournaments, visiting pro games, and will make sure you have some sightseeing to do!


LanCon wants you to have a great European or American Experience, so we will set up a program together with you. This way we can be sure you will visit the parts of Europe you like to see!

Of course our main objective will be playing games. But...... why not visit an interesting city while you’re in the neighborhood?

Quick Info

Where: Worldwide
When: Possible Year Round.
Duration:  Customized
Credits: No

Extra info

Sport: Play and train with experts in your field of sport. Options include: friendly games, internships, tournaments and special training sessions.Visit Pro games
Cultural:  visits & guided tours of museums, cities and historic landmarks;
Lodging: TBD
Meals: TBD
Transportation: TBD
Guides: Private tour leader included
Cost*: Customized
Former participants:  

*Excluding transatlantic flight.