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Student Information

The European Model of Sport Program is designed to give students the opportunity to combine education and visiting Europe. We always look for the best balance between the educative side and the expierence of visiting Europe. For many students who join are program it is the first time abroad,, for some even the first time on a plane. This is not a problem at all. Our tourguides are well experienced travelers and will make sure you will love every second of your trip. That is one of the reasons every group has its own tourguide. 

Financial Aid

If you are currently receiving financial aid for your college education, in many cases you can use it to study abroad. This can be the case with aid from an institution, a foundation, the state or federal government, or other private or public sources. Talk to your study abroad advisor, financial aid officer, or bursar about what can and can't be applied to a program of study abroad.


Programs range from approximately $1,700 – $3,500. This includes in program travel and lodging, predefined meals, attendance to lectures,games andevents, seminar book, participation certificate and official dinner.

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When you want to sign up individually you can fill in our contact form. Make sure you name the session you want to participate in.