What do we do?

  • Lancon, logo ,lancon logo, 2012,LanCon started in 1998 Gijs Langevoort, MD, Free University of Amsterdam, Netherlands and MSc Management for Organizations in Sports at the University of Lyon, France founded the company as a start in a second career. A retinal problem ended his work as an orthopaedic surgeon with focus on sports medicine and arthroscopic surgery. Being involved in sports his whole life, the choice for a new career in sports was not too difficult.
  • LanCon’s working area is sport in all its different aspects (management, courses, internships, student athlete exchange, clinics & camps, sport-medicine)
  • LanCon aims at an exchange of knowledge on the different aspects of sports between the European and American sports world.


  • LanCon Sport is involved in the organisation of camps for (youth) athletes, coach clinics, exchange of student athletes and showcases, where prospects can showcase their athletic abilities in different sports to coaches.
  • LanCon Sport brings European coaches to the United States to teach coaches and athletes in typical European sports (Team handball, Field-hockey and Soccer)
  • LanCon Sport brings American coaches to Europe to teach coaches and athletes in typical American sports (Baseball and Basketball)
  • LanCon Sport focuses on a co – operation between sport organizations in Europe and collegiate sports in the USA
  • LanCon Sport assists European student athletes to find scholarships in their sport at American Colleges, which are known for the quality of their athletic program.


  • LanCon Medics facilitates consultancy in orthopaedic medicine, sport medicine and the orthopaedic aspects of ergonomics.
  • LanCon Medics provides information about sport medicine.
  • LanCon Medics organizes seminars and congresses in the field of orthopaedics and sport medicine
  • LanCon Medics organizes the annual seminar on Sport Medicine in Pro and College Sport


  • LanCon Education organizes courses and seminars for all those who are working or plan to be working in governing positions in sports (The European Model of Sport, The American Model of Sport). These courses improve the knowledge and understanding of the participants in the respective model of sport.
  • LanCon Education organizes seminars for students in Sport Management Programs to increase their knowledge of the structure and management/marketing principles in European and / or American sport.
  • LanCon Education assists students in finding internships in the field of Sport Management, Marketing and Coaching.
  • LanCon Education assists student athletes to prepare for a stay in foreign countries